SWATCH Limited Edition -peace Happiness- Micha Klein

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A nice Swatch watch of the 90's designed by Micha Klein. In mint condition in its special box.

Micha Klein (Harderwijk, March 21, 1964) is a Dutch computer artist / video artist. 

Klein was born the son of a sculptor. His secondary education he attended the Christian College Nassau Veluwe. Then he studied at the Rietveld Academy and began experimenting with computer graphics. During his studies Initially in a loft of the Rietveld Academy, where a Commodore Amiga was that was used by anyone. Later at a photo lab where he had a job, and what a time expensive Quantel Paintbox was that he could use. In lost hours After graduating in computer-generated slides in 1989 and a 16-minute computer video with a rudimentary house track underneath, Klein quickly bought a Silicon Graphics computer, the first Dutch artist. 
He was early nineties video jockey (VJ) in the then emerging house scene. He himself also organized parties. In 1993 appeared for the first Pillman, an icon of Klein, which would be used in a music video (2000). Later by the rapper Eminem In addition to this work he also designed advertisements and CD covers. Klein made ​​animations for two Coca Cola commercials, and for the movie Around the World in 80 Days by Frank Coraci (2004) where they form a linking element between the various locations in the film. The collaboration between Coraci and Klein will continue in a science project. 
Besides his work as vj Klein is known as a designer of one of the most coveted Swatch watches and a Special Edition NESCAFÉ coffee for work (2009). In 1998 he had a retrospective at the Groninger Museum. 
Klein sees computer graphics as the revenge of the painter on the photography. While initially the photographer could show the painter, the reality is better at Klein photography again become subservient to painting, all that is happening with the computer.
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