Oil Painting of artist Luis Moro segoviano "Bird" 47.5 x 39 cm.

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Born in 1969 in Segovia, Spain 

Reside in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico 

Painter and printmaker. He received in 1984 the second National Painting Prize and the third etching Youth Arts Competition in 1992 Young Painters Award Liceo Spanish in Paris in 2002 Scholarship Casa de Velázquez. He has made ​​many exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Rome and participated in international exhibitions in Korea, Toronto, Rome, Madrid, New York ...

Individual Exhibits

Galerie 53 | Paris, France 
Galerie la Vache Multicolore | Paris, France 
Weisser Elephant Galerie, Berlin, Germany 
Galerie Pegas | Prague, Czech Republic 
Galleria de 'Florio Art | Rome, Italy 
Kabbalah Gallery | Madrid, Spain 
Gallery M.G.P Montecarlo, Italy 
Galleria S. Placido | Catania, Italy 
Florio Galleria Art | Rome, Italy 
Varro Gallery | Salamanca, Spain 
Maia Forum | Porto, Portugal 
L'Argentario Gallery | Trento, Italy 
Florio Galleria Art | Rome, Italy 
Lattuada Studio | Milano, Italy 
Gallery Utopia Park Way | Madrid, Spain 
Fattoria La Loggia | montefiridolfi. Firenze, Italy 
Galleria Art's Events | Benevento, Italy 
Evelio Gayubo Gallery | Valladolid, Spain 
Galleria De Florio. Fair Int. Contemporary art. Venezi.a.rte | Venice, Italy 
S.XV House Gallery | Segovia, Spain 
Gallery Forum | Loule, Portugal 
Utopia Parkway Gallery | Madrid, Spain 
Galerie L'Ancienne Poste | Brussels, Belgium 
Microcosmos. Sala Caja Granada | Spain 
Varro Gallery | Salamanca, Spain 
Casa de Velázquez "Plein Air" |. Madrid, Spain 
Temptations of Stamp Fair Engraving Int. | Madrid, Spain 
Fontanar Gallery | Riaza, Spain 
Gallery Space 48 | Santiago de Compostela, Spain 
Museum of Fine Arts Mouscrom C. M. Staquet. | Belgium 
Gallery Forum | Loulé, Portugal 
Moretti Gallery Space | Venice, Italy 
Dolores Sierra Gallery | Madrid, Spain 
Dora Calvo Gallery | Salamanca, Spain 
The Palau Gallery | Valencia, Spain 
Gallery La Casa del Siglo XV | Segovia, Spain 
Dolores Sierra Gallery | Madrid 
Goya Museum | Castres, France 
Galerie Chouleur | Nimes, France 
National Glass Museum | La Granja de San Ildefonso, Spain 
Headstock Palace | Morelia, Mexico. 
Museum of Fine Arts | Queretaro, Mexico 
Museum The Necromancer | San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 
Macay Museum, Merida | Mexico. 
Macaz Museum | Morelia, México2011 
IAGO Graphic Arts Institute Museum | Oaxaca, Mexico 
Art Gallery of Ontario | Monterrey, Mexico 
MAC Museum of Contemporary Art | San Luis Potosi, Mexico 
Francisco Goitia Museum | Zacatecas, Mexico 
UNAM San Antonio Gallery | Texas, United States 
Gallery La Reja Art Gallery | Segovia, Spain 
Art Gallery of Ontario | Monterrey, Mexico 
Museo Alameda | San Antonio | Texas, USA 
Gravelmouth Gallery, 2 to 31 March 2013 | Texas, USA 
Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery, May | Aranda de Duero (Burgos) Spain 
Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery, Oct-Nov | Mexico DF, Mexico 
Gray Duck Gallery, November-December | Austin, Texas, USA 
Gallery La Reja, May | Segovia, Spain 
National Arts Competition, Room Amadis | Madrid, Spain 
"Ten are the last things", Gallery XV Century House | Segovia, Spain 
INTER-ART 89 Nave Gallery Ten | Valencia, Spain 
"Competition for Applied Arts" Unamuno Room | Salamanca, Spain 
Miniprint International of Cadaqués, Fort Gallery | Barcelona, ​​Spain 
ARCO, Graphic work. Two editions Negritos | Madrid, Spain 
"Young Painters" Liceo Spanish | Paris, France 
Fair Frankfurt, Graphic Art, Gallery Cinquecento | Barcelona, ​​Spain 
Miniprint International of Cadaqués, Gava Museum | Barcelona, ​​Spain 
Miniprint International of Cadaqués | Encamp, Andorra 
"Young Painters" Liceo Spanish Award | Paris, France 
"Portable Museum" Kabbalah Gallery | Madrid, Spain 
Miniprint Cadaqués International | Spain 
Nihonbash Takashimaya, Interior Gallery | Tokyo, Japan 
"Sicily", Messina, Plazzo Comunale Di Patti, org. by de'Florio Art and "The Political Galleria" | Italy 
Graphic Art, Galiano Gallery | Havana, Cuba 
"Portable Museum" The Kabala | Madrid, Spain 
Omaggio a Marziale per the de'Florio Art, itinerant motra per l'Italia 
Nata Per Gioco di Trento Museum of Art | Italy 
International Short Film Festival Teatro Colosseo (Catharsis 1995) 
Operate dal Sottosuolo Florio Art | Rome, Italy 
Water Museum, 15 Spanish Artists | Lisbon, Portugal 
Gallery Utopia Parkway: E.Arroyo, F. Bolk, I. Muñoz, L. Moro | Madrid, Spain 
Iberian, traveling exhibition: Mirandela | Oporto and Lisbon, Portugal 
"International Art Fair", Riparte | Rome, Italy 
Fair ESTAMPA. Portuguese Center Printed | Madrid, Spain 
Rassegna Intenazionale d'Arte Contemporanea. Italy | Sulmona Prize 
Fair ESTAMPA. Editorial Fuentemolinos | Madrid, Spain 
Kunstmesse Düsseldorf. Multiple Art | Germany 
Ambiente Frankfurt Fair. Hirsch Collection | Germany 
Art. Expo New York. Editions Laurier - Dube 
THE SAGA. Paris. Editions Laurier - Dube 
Kunstmarkt Düsseldorf, Editorial Fuentemolinos | Germany 
"Alba Spirituale" Vitulano | Benevento, Italy 
"Linguageus com Future" Museu M. Texeira | Portimao, Portugal 
Spanish Contemporary Art. Sungsan Museum Changwon | Korean 
Fair ESTAMPA Fuentemolinos Editorial | Madrid, Spain 
Graphic Print. National Library of Madrid | Spain 
Self-portraits, Utopia Parkway | Madrid, Spain 
National Exhibition of Fine Arts | Valdepeñas, Spain 
Finzioni, Palazzo dell Comune di Fiesole | Florence, Italy 
Fair ARGAM, Assoc Roman Galleries of Modern Art. | Rome, Italy 
Open Arc 2003, Casa de Velázquez | Madrid, Spain 
6th Biennale D'Arte Citta Monterosso Calabro | Italy 
Gallery Desirée, Frascati | Rome, Italy 
"The Twentieth Century House in the XV Century." B.C. Museum Esteban Vicente | Segovia, Spain 
"Animalae Romae" Navona Gallery 42 | Rome, Italy 
Borgo Allegri Gallery | Florence, Italy 
Famalicao, Portugal | Cupertino de Miranda Foundation 
"Moving" Medici Fortress | Grosseto, Italy 
GIAF. Gongju Gongju International Art Fair | Korean 
TIAF. Toronto International Art Fai | Canada 
International Fair TIAF Toronto | Canada 
Stamp Fair | Madrid, Spain 
Fair Art Cologne Fair | Cologne, Germany 
Stamp Fair (Gallery Fuentemolinos Fontanar and Editorial) | Madrid, Spain 
SH Contemporary. Dolores Sierra Gallery | Shanghai, China 
HK Art Fair. Dolores Sierra Gallery | Hong Kong, China 
Pure Art. Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery. Vigo International Fair | Spain 
Fair ESTAMPA Fuentemolinos Editorial | Madrid, Spain 
International Arts Festival of Sinaloa | Culiacan, Mexico 
Fair Internaciuonal Zona Maco Art DF 010 VC. | Mexico 
Art Madrid. Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery | Madrid, Spain 
War and Peace, Galeria Nina Menocal | Mexico DF 
Affordable Contemporary Art Fair Hamburg, Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery | Germany 
Zona Maco, Mexico DF Art | Mexico 
Madrid Art Fair, Gallery Rodrigo Juarranz | Madrid, Spain 
Just Mad Mia, 012 Emergent Art Fair, Adora Calvo Gallery | Miami, USA 
st-art, Foire d'art Contemporain, Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery | Strasbourg, France 
Rodrigo Madrid Juarranz Art Gallery, 2013 February 13 to 17 | Madrid, Spain 
Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2013, February 21-24 | Belgium 
Art Karlsruhe 2013, Rodrigo Juarranz Gallery, March 7 to 10 | Karlsruhe, Germany 
Artean, July 18 to 22 | Irun, Spain 
Stamp, October 24 to 27 | Madrid. Spain. 
Affordable Hamburg, November 14 to 17 | Hamburg, Germany 
ST-Art 2013, November 22 to 25 | Strasbourg, France 
Second National Painting Award. C. J. Visual Arts. Ministry of Culture 
Institute of Youth, Ministry of Culture 
Third National Print Award, Youth Contest. Ministry of Culture 
Special Mention Drawing. Youth Arts Competition 
Quick First International Painting Prize Riaza 
Special Mention Drawing. National, Art Contest. Ministry of Culture 
First National Sculpture Prize, C. J. Visual Arts. Ministry of Culture 
Third International Award for Young European Artists. Benidorm 
Drawing First Prize Castilla y León. C. S. Visual Arts 
Award, "Jeunes Peintres" Liceo Spanish, Paris 
Acquisition Painting Prize, Castilla and Leon 
Scholarship Arc de Santiago. Segovia 
National Award for painting "Square Toros" Gijon 
Acquisition Prize Salon Nacional Valdepeñas 
Contemporary Torrelodones Acquisition Competition Award 
Scholarship Casa de Velázquez, Madrid 
Scholarship Casa de Velázquez. Culture Ministry of France 
Scholarship Conaculta, Public Sctra.Educación. Mexico-Axertia 
Artist in Residence. Gravelmouth. SMART.CAM. San Antonio, USA 
Collections and Museums 
City of Torrelodones | Madrid, Spain 
National Library, Department of Cartography and Graphic work. | Madrid, Spain 
National Engraving | Madrid, Spain 
Portuguese Center Printed | Lisbon, Portugal 
Centro Internazionale Fattoria la Loggia | Florence, Italy 
Marcos Martín Blanco Collection | Segovia, Spain 
Collect Vimercati | Rome, Italy 
Argentaria Collection | Madrid, Spain 
Collection Box | Granada, Spain 
Collection Health Institute | Segovia, Spain 
Art and Heritage Collection | Madrid, Spain 
Stamp Collection | Madrid, Spain 
Collection of Mary | Benevento, Italy 
Art and Nature Collection | Spain 
Domu umení, Artists Association of South Bohemia | Czech Ministry of Culture. 
Spanish Embassy in Prague | Spain 
French Collection, Editions Laurier Bube 
Castilla y Leon | Valladolid, Spain 
Spanish Liceo de Paris | France 
Domestic Museum, Pettineo (Messina) | Fiumara Art, Sicily 
Sungsan Museum Changwon | Korean 
Ministry of Culture. Youth Institute. | Spain 
Velázquez House Collection | Madrid, Spain 
Famaliçao, Portugal | Cupertino Miranda Museum Foundation 
LimLip Art Museum | Korea 
Zhang Xiaotao artist collection | Beijing, China
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