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Welcome to the website www.trenesymas.com (hereinafter "trenesymas.com"). TRENESYMAS.COM access and use, and the purchase of TRENESYMAS.COM presuppose reading, understanding and acceptance of these Terms. 
Products purchased in TRENESYMAS.COM are sold directly by Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU 
Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. is a Spanish company established in Corona de Aragón, 21 premises under Left 22300-BARBASTRO (HUESCA) ESPAÑA-SPAIN with CIF number B81395097 ES. Its corporate purpose, among others, is selling trains and other items or products decoration, design, dining, ... 
You can contact TRENESYMAS.COM info@trenesymas.com by email at any time. 
1 Our trade policy 
1.1 Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. offers products for sale in TRENESYMAS.COM both end consumers who are older individuals, such as shops and other businesses interested in their products. 
1.2 Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. reserves the right not to respond to requests made ​​by users that differ from what was said in the previous point. 
1.3 These Terms of Use govern exclusively the offer, acceptance of purchase orders and shipping products to users TRENESYMAS.COM 
2 Types of Users and how to order 
2.1 On the website you will find information about the products on offer and about the possibility of buying them. 
In order to process orders correctly, the user must provide and adhere to these Terms and Conditions as published at the time of access to the data for this purpose may be requested, payment, address, country of destination website. 
The data of these users will be stored once delivered the order if they wanted to make new ones following it the Data Protection Act of Spain in force at this time. 
Finally, there are pages accessible to users who shop online do not start buying products. These users, however, agree to be subject to these General Conditions, to the extent that may be applicable to them. 
2.2. We recommend all users to print a copy of the General Conditions and the archive for your personal use. 
2.3. To order a product TRENESYMAS.COM, the user must follow the steps in the buying process, completing the data requested and making payment for the order. Before making the payment, the User will have all the information about your order. 
2.4 The User who purchases products on the website agrees to pay at the time to confirm the purchase. Thus, the order will not be processed until the time Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU receive payment compliance. 
2.5 Once you have completed your order, you will receive a maximum of 48 working hours a confirmation email detailing the order purchased product, its price and the shipping address listed in your account. In case of not having provided will be required to send it by email to the address info@trenesymas.com If you do not receive our confirmation within the specified user must check that it has not reached its wrong folder / bin, by spam filters. If you still have not gotten our answer must contact Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU through his mail: info@trenesymas.com 
2.6 Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. may refrain from processing orders placed by users who do not present sufficient guarantees of solvency, which prove to be incomplete or incorrect, those whose confirmation of payment is not received within 48 hours, and in the event that the selected products have been withdrawn from sale. In such cases, TRENESYMAS.COM inform the User by e-mail that the request is not properly handled, properly specifying the reasons therefor, and, if necessary, make the refund of the amount to be anticipated. 
3 Products and Prices 
3.1 TRENESYMAS.COM are sold only products in their web. 
3.2 Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. reserves the right to decide, at any time, products are offered through TRENESYMAS.COM In particular, Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU may at any time add or remove products from the online store TRENESYMAS.COM 
3.3 The essential characteristics of the products are presented in TRENESYMAS.COM within each data sheet. Despite the meticulous care taken by Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU in its faithful reproduction, the images and colors of the products offered for sale in TRENESYMAS.COM could, however, do not accurately reflect reality, due to the specific characteristics of the Internet browser or screen used by the user. All products are in perfect condition TRENESYMAS.COM of utilization except those in your purchase record warns of something else. 
3.4 The prices of the products on sale in TRENESYMAS.COM always appear in euros (€) and include VAT. On orders from the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla and the countries that are not within the European Union will deduct the tax and customs charge to each shipment arrival that apply. Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. it is not responsible in any way for custom fees, costs of customs formalities management, applicable taxes or territory outside the EU. These costs will be borne by the User. At prices relevant shipping costs add up unless expressly warn these as complimentary. Shipping fees are communicated to the user before placing the order since they depend on the volume of it, and have to be accepted by him to confirm the purchase.
3.5 The prices of products may be subject to updates. However, the prices TRENESYMAS.COM be applied to each order in force at the time when the user confirms the purchase of products. The user must make sure what the final selling price before confirming the order. 
3.6 TRENESYMAS.COM deliver your order via courier service or other similar ENVIALIA. We do not deliver to PO Boxes (P. O. Boxes). According to international laws governing the import and export trade of all orders, WWW.TRENESYMAS.COM ships products from BARBASTRO (Huesca) -España- with an official invoice stating the exact total of merchandise purchased in Euro (€ ). 
It is illegal to declare lower values ​​or paid products as gifts, according to the regulations of international shipments. 
3.7 Shipping prices depend on both the weight thereof and the distance of the recipient. Could establish a fork Spain between 8€ and 25 € and outside Spain from 15€ to 100€.
4 Payment 
4.1 Users who purchase products on the website, local bajo Left agrees to pay at the time you confirm your purchase through PayPal, Visa, 4B or prior bank transfer, unless you want to pick up the goods at our POS Corona de Aragón, 21 Barbastro (Huesca) Spain in which case the cash payment is accepted.
4.2 Payment of the price of the products and, where applicable, the respective shipping costs, shall be taken to provide mechanisms for this. 
4.3 The purchase price of the products and, where applicable, the shipping charges are debited to the credit card or the user at the time of order confirmation. 
4.5 The invoice for the order is included in the shipping package. 
5. Shipping and Delivery Products 
5.1 Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. undertakes to deliver the goods in perfect condition to the address stated by the User on your order. In order to optimize deliveries, we recommend the user to verify that this is a direction in which the order can be delivered during normal business hours and to facilitate its number phone private so that the freight can reach you if there is at the delivery address.
5.2 Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. shall not be liable for errors caused in the delivery when the delivery address indicated by the user request does not conform to reality or has been omitted or erroneous. 
5.3 The term of delivery, it will be based delivery system chosen. For Spain, with Envialia shall be three days maximum. For all other countries we serve are 4 or 5 days. For delivery in our store will be 24 hours.
In cases of delays in deliveries, TRENESYMAS.COM inform its customers aware of them count for reasons beyond their control or just reprehensible to the transit agency. Each delivery is considered completed from the moment in which the carrier makes the product available to the user, which is achieved through the control system used by the transport company. 
Will not be considered late delivery cases where the order has been made available to the user by the transport company within the agreed time and was unable to be delivered due to causes attributable to the User. 
Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. is not responsible for any delays that may arise in customs of each country. 
5.4 TRENESYMAS.COM send an e-mail informing the user of the shipment of your order. 
5.5 If at the time of delivery the user is absent, the carrier will contact with him indicating how to proceed. 
5.6 If after 7 working days from the output distribution of the order had not been entered into the delivery, the User should contact TRENESYMAS.COM. If the user does not do so, after 10 days from departure to delivery order (or after 2 failed delivery attempts), it will be returned to TRENESYMAS.COM, and User shall bear the costs of return shipping and origin of the goods, as well as any costs associated management. 
5.7 If you have not been able to make delivery due to loss of package, our carrier will initiate an investigation. In these cases, the response times of our carriers are generally between one and three weeks. In such cases, TRENESYMAS.COM will contact the User to decide whether to cancel your order and pays the amount paid (cost of the products and, where applicable, postage), or resend a new order at no additional cost. 
5.8 At the time of delivery, the user must check the condition of the package to the carrier to make delivery of the requested product, indicating the delivery note any abnormalities that could be detected in the packaging. 
6 Warranty. 
6.1 Users benefit from the guarantee of authenticity given by TRENESYMAS.COM All products sold have the legal guarantee of two years except second-hand products, which is one year. If the product sold is defective proceed to the repair, replacement, price reduction or termination of contract negotiations that will be free for the customer. Customer must report no later than two months from delivery, product defects may have.
6.2 Defects or damage due to incorrect use or handling of the goods by the User and / or wear caused by normal use of the same are not included in this warranty. 
7 Returns and exchanges of material. 
7.1 The User shall have a period of fourteen (14) calendar days to return your order, counting from the date of delivery. (Article 44 of Law 7/1996 of 15 January, of the Retail Trade, amended by Law 47/2002, of December 19). For this purpose, the user must send an email to the e-mail info@trenesymas.com warning of the return. The user must send the product including everything that he had sent in perfect condition, to the direction of Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU: Calle Corona de Aragón, 21. 22300 BARBASTRO (Huesca) -Spain. Exercised by the User the right of return, Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU will return the amounts received no later than thirty 14 days, after checking the perfect condition of the product, having this depreciation if not returned in its original packaging.
7.2 The costs of return of the return are the responsibility of the user. Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. not under any circumstances accept returns due to shipping. 
7.3 For a return to be accepted, the returned products must meet the following requirements: 
The unwanted product must be returned under the conditions specified in paragraph 7.1
The unwanted product must be in the same condition as received.
The unwanted product must be returned properly protected to arrive in Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU with the maximum possible guarantees.
Invoice and other shipping documents must be included inside the package.
7.4 If you have complied with the requirements of the previous point, Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU he shall make payment of the amount of the returned products within 14 calendar days. Expenses that can be generated in each country's customs will not be reinstated in accordance with the laws of each office is not as Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU who are charged (which is why all items that are purchased outside the EU are exempt from VAT). 
8 Customer 
8.1 For any clarification, incident or complaint, you can contact by email TRENESYMAS.COM info@trenesymas.com anytime. 
9 Intellectual and Industrial Property 
9.1 All elements TRENESYMAS.COM content and products, such as images, photographs, text, logos and any other material, in any format, published in TRENESYMAS.COM including menus, web pages, graphics, colors, schemes, tools, fonts, web site design, diagrams, structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of content, methods, processes, functions and software that are part of TRENESYMAS.COM are protected by copyright and other rights to the intellectual property of Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU and TRENESYMAS.COM. 
Similarly, the site is considered a computer program and, as such, is also protected by the legislation on intellectual and industrial property. Access to the website does not imply licensing or permitting such rights and industrial property intelecual. 
9.2 The User may not reproduce, alter, modify, disassemble, reverse engineer, distribute, rent, lend, make available, allow public access through any form of public communication, or perform any other action prohibited by the regulations intellectual and industrial property rights over any of the elements mentioned in the previous paragraph except with the express consent of Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU The User shall use the materials, elements, content and information that you access through the use of TRENESYMAS.COM only for their own needs, agreeing not to make any direct or indirect commercial use of such elements. 
10 Notice about content 
Abaco 10.1 Trade Marketing, S.L.U. has taken all measures at its disposal to prevent in TRENESYMAS.COM content describing or representing scenes or situations of physical or psychological violence, or such that, according to the sensitivity of TRENESYMAS.COM users, may be published considered harmful to civic convictions, human rights or dignity in all its forms and expressions. 
Abaco 10.2 Trade Marketing, S.L.U. He has also taken all the necessary precautions to ensure its users that the contents are TRENESYMAS.COM care and do not contain incorrect information that is outdated or about the date of its publication on the website (and in the as far as possible, below). 
10.3 Although Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. try to do everything possible to ensure continued access to the website itself, the dynamic nature of the Internet and its content might not allow TRENESYMAS.COM operate without interruptions or discontinuities due to the need for website updates. Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. can not guarantee its users that the website will operate continuously without interruptions, errors or malfunctions due to internet connection. 
10.4 Users are fully responsible for their behavior, to access information on the web, while sailing in the same, and after access. Therefore, Users are solely responsible to Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU and third parties the consequences that may result from use or illicit purposes or effects contrary herein, any web content, prepared or not Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU, published under his name or not officially; and the consequences that may result from use contrary to the contents of this document and adversely affecting the interests or rights of others, or in any way damage, disable or impair the website or its services or impede normal enjoyment other users. 
Abaco 10.5 Trade Marketing, S.L.U. reserves the right to update the content when appropriate and to eliminate, limit or prevent access to them, temporarily or permanently, and deny access to the web users to make improper use of the contents and / or breach any of the conditions listed herein. 
Abaco 10.6 Trade Marketing, S.L.U. reports no guarantees: that access to the website and / or web link will be uninterrupted or error-free, that the content or software that users access through the website or any linked website does not contain any error , computer virus or other elements in the contents that may cause alterations in the system or in the electronic documents and files stored in their computer system or cause other damage, or that the use of the information or contents of this website or websites link users might do for their own purposes. 
11 Links to other websites 
11.1 TRENESYMAS.COM online store may contain hyperlinks (known as "links" or "links") to other websites related to Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU 
11.2 Activation of links does not imply any recommendation or suggestion Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU to access these web sites or browsing its pages, nor any guarantees about their content or services. 
12. Privacy 
12.1 We ask all members to carefully read the "Privacy Policy" that applies even if TRENESYMAS.COM access and navigate, even without acquiring any product. 
13 Modification and update of Conditions 
Abaco 13.1 Trade Marketing, S.L.U. reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice to the User, in any case, are solely responsible for reviewing them prior and indispensable to the acquisition of any product available through TRENESYMAS .COM. In any case, be considered as valid and applicable General Conditions of Use that were exposed on the web at the time that the user acquires the goods. 
13.2 If any provision of these Terms is held invalid, the remaining provisions will continue in full force, taking into account the will of the parties and the purpose of these Conditions. Abaco Trade Marketing, S.L.U. may not exercise any of the rights and powers conferred on this document which does not imply any waiver of the same unless expressly recognized by the Abaco Trade Marketing, SLU or legal prescription of the action in each case. 
14 Governing law and dispute resolution 
14.1 These Terms of Use are governed by Spanish law, pursuant to the Law 7/1998, of 13 April, on General Conditions of Contract, Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the General law for the Defence of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, 1906/1999 Royal Decree of 17 December 1999 laying down the Telephone and Electronic Contracting regulated.
14.2 "Customer is submitted for resolution of disputes to the courts of Barbastro (Huesca)"
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